Ramesh Pandita, Shivendra Singh, Oncology Research Output and its Citation Analysis at Continental Level: A Study (2003-2012), Volume 17, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 17)
    The present study examines the research output and citation analysis in the field of Oncology, a branch of medical science which deals with the study and treatment of tumours, what we commonly know as cancer. Cancer as a disease is not confined to a particular region or a country, but is a global phenomenon and is still beyond the complete understanding and control of medicos. Research in the field of biomedical sciences in general and oncology is particular is undertaken at global level with almost each country contributing its bit in understating and control of disease. The study makes an empirical assessment of the research output and growth in the field of oncology at continental level for the period 2003-2012 and evaluates the aspects like research growth, citation analysis, h-Index etc. Data for the present study has been retrieved from the SCImago Journal and Country Ranking, which is totally based on the SCOPUS data source. Findings: - A total of 310593 research papers were published across six continents of the world during the period 2003-2012. Europe emerged the largest continent with its publication share of (124598, 40.11 %). Europe is followed by North America with its share percentage of (102897, 33.12 %) and Asia with (70555, 22.71 %). The contribution of Oceania, South America & Africa to the world oncology research is not that encouraging, as such there is greater need to promote oncology research in these continents. African contribution to global oncology research during the period remained (2215, 0.71 %), South American (3009, 0.96 %) and Oceania contributed (7319, 2.35 %). Oncology research publication on average during the period of study grew annually at 8.15 %, while as at continental level Africa registered highest annual publication growth of 19.08 %. North America and Europe are the only continents which recorded publication's growth below the average global growth.
    Africa, Asia, Citation Analysis, Europe, H-Index, North America, Oceania, Oncology Research, Research Output, South America