A. Eswar, K. Kathirvel, R. Anbarasu, K. Ramamoorthy, G. Sankar, S. Suvitha, T. Manikandarajan, Proximate Composition and Fatty Acid Analysis of Puffer Fish, Lagocephalus inermis (Temminck and Schlegel, 1850) and Lagocephalus lunaris (Bloch and Schneider, 1801) from Parangipettai, Southeast Coast of India, Volume 17, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 17)
    The nutritional effects of marine food have increased far and wide due to the beneficial effects of consuming marine food, fats and oils. In general, the proximate composition is well known as a proportion composition of basic elements such as protein, lipids, carbohydrate, minerals and water. The puffer fish Lagocephalus lunaris and Lagocephalus inermis were collected at Mudasal odai fish landing centre and the skin and visceral organs like gonads and intestines were removed the edible portion only took for the analysis. Species of the fish sample was oven-dried in an electric oven at between 70 – 80 °C until the samples had constant weight. The protein, carbohydrate, fat, ash and moisture content of green -rough-back puffer fish and smooth-backed blow fish were investigated. L. lunaris and L. inermis were has 9.22 %, 8.92 %, 1.96 %, 1.87 %, 11.25 %, 11.98 %, 80.32 %, 86.05 %, 0.96 %, 1.27 % respectively. Totally seven saturated fatty acids; ten Mono unsaturated fatty acids and two poly unsaturated fatty acids were found as the major components on the investigated puffer fish. Polyunsaturated fatty acid like n-3 has 31.17 %, 31.19 and n-6 7.26 %, 7.29 % of PUSFA found as the dominant composition on puffer fish. This study revealed that these species are having high saturated fatty acid and protein content and able to compete with more commercially utilize species in terms of nutritional value, and they can definitely also compete when it comes to taste. It can act as a good source of nutritional and economic value when it is carefully handled and properly cooked.
    <i>Lagocephalus inermis</i>, <i>Lagocephalus lunaris</i>, Minerals, Protein, Saturated Fatty Acid