P.U. Singare, S.E.L. Ferns, Monitoring the Health of Sediment Ecosystem along the Mahim Creek of Mumbai - A Study of Physico-Chemical Properties, ILNS Volume 17, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 17)
    The present study was performed for the period of one year from June 2012 to May 2013 in order to understand the physico-chemical properties of sediments samples collected along the Mahim Creek of Mumbai. The annual average pH value of the creek sediments was recorded as 9.22. It is feared that such conditions may increase the alkalinity of Creek water which according to USEPA will increase the physiological stress of many aquatic species resulting in decreased reproduction, decreased growth, disease, or death thereby reducing the biological diversity of the Creek. The total organic matter in the creek sediments was found to be maximum of 10.30 % with an annual average concentration of 6.29 %. Although organic matter is a primary source of food for benthic organisms and is important in maintaining a viable ecosystem, too much of organic matter deposited in the sediments will be responsible for depletion in dissolved oxygen content of the creek water causing unpleasant odours and may also increase the rate of eutrophication. From the results it appears that as India moves towards stricter regulation of industrial effluents to control water pollution, greater efforts are required to control the discharge of pollutants into the ecosystems.
    Bandra Ki Khadi Mumbai, Conductivity, Mahim Creek, Physico-Chemical Properties, Sediments, TOC