M.K. Haruna, T.A. Olusi, A.S. Wali, Seasonal Variation and Bacteriological Pollution of River Amba of Nasarawa State, Nigeria, ILNS Volume 16, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 16)
    The quality of Amba River in Nasarawa State in the North Central Nigeria was investigated for a period of one year covering dry and rainy season. Water samples were collected from four different locations (Gandu, Wadatan-Waje, Kofan-Kaura and Unguwan-Galadima) along the river course and analyzed for Bacteriological parameter, using standard methods. The results indicated seasonal variation in coliform population with higher values at Wadatan-waje and Unguwan-galadima during rainy season. The values obtained for coliform on the average for the two seasons were beyond the maximum acceptable standard set by the World Health Organization (WHO, 2004) for drinking water. Thus, settlers along the River should be enlightened on the danger of consuming untreated water from the River. Also, measures at regulating the pollution of the River should be taken for a healthy and vibrant community.
    Coliform, Pollution, River Amba