Soumendra Nath Talapatra, Abantika Nandy, Partha Pal, A Conceptual Approach of Information Technology in Environment Science: Research Area and Prospects of Database Generation, ILNS Volume 15, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 15)
    The data of individual sector on environmental science is compiled in information technology (IT) through database software known as Environment Information (EI). Environment information is an easy accessible database in individual sector, where people can know both new research scope and impact on environment. The presen t study deals to inform that EI is an area, in which the knowledge of environmental science and IT is combined through database software. In this paper, individual research area, data format and beneficial aspects on environmental science is tabulated for EI. There are several research areas in which the data viz. ecology and ecosystem, biodiversity and conservation of important species, health hazards by diseases, health care facilities, toxicological aspects, wastes types, source generation and management, alternative energy generation facilities, environment education and awareness etc. It is a conceptual approach to gather knowledge of environment related problems and prospects and can easily make a database for the intellectuals, academicians, scientists, regulatory authorities, policy makers, researchers, students etc. These help to know benefits in research area, regulatory process, decision making and proper environment management. People can easily access compiled database in an individual sector of environment science
    Computer Database, Environment Information, Environment Science, Environmental Technology, Information Technology