Chinnappa V. Reddy, Abhaykumar Kamble, Effect Methanolic Extract of Achyranthus aspera on Biochemical Status of Albino Mice, ILNS Volume 14, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 14)
    The effect of administration of Methanolic extract of Achyranthsu asper on biochemical parameter of mice were investigated. This drug induced significant reduction in the cholesterol level and amount of RNA. But significant increase in the amount of glycogen at 25 mg/kg and no significant reduction in the amount of glycogen at 50 mg/kg. This drug also induced increase in the level of alkaline phospatese and decrease in the level of acid phosphatase, protein and DNA, but these changes are statistically not significant. Protein 25 mg shows 4.22 ±0.112 and 50 mg shows 4.05 ±0.085. Cholesterol 25mg shows 0.5 ±0.04 and 50 mg shows 0.39 ±0.038. Glycogen 25mg shows 0.288 ±0.011 and 50mg shows 0.248 ±0.177. DNA 25mg shows 0.109 ±0.039 and 50 mg shows 0.085 ±0.035, RNA 25mg shows 0.38 ±0.036 and 50 mg shows 0.25 ±0.031
    <i>Achyranthus aspera</i>, Biochemical Parameters, Methanol Extract