Chinnappa V. Reddy, Abhaykumar Kamble, Toxicity Study of Achyranthus aspera, ILNS Volume 14, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 14)
    The objectives of present work focuses to check the acute and sub acute toxicity studies for the Achyranthes aspera L methanol extract as per OECD guideline in Swiss mice. The dose of 100, 200, 250 gm/kg body weight methanol extract by administering drug intraperitoneally and recorded the growth, body weight, organ weight, general symptoms, morphological and physiological behavior, mortality. These parameters on various organs system in mice were studied. It was considered necessary to assess its potential health hazard in man and to find the safe and effective dose. The observations of changes in body weight, food and water intake as well as cage side observations were reported. There was no abnormality observed in all groups. The whole plant powder methanol extract of Achyranthes Aspera L were found to be nontoxic.
    <i>Achyranthus aspera</i>, Albino Rats, Methanol Extract, Toxicity