Kirankumar Shivasharanappa, Jayashree V. Hanchinalmath, Y. Sai Sundeep, Debajit Borah, V.S.S.L. Prasad Talluri, Optimization and Production of Alkaline Proteases from Agro Byproducts Using a Novel Trichoderma viridiae Strain VPG 12, Isolated from Agro Soil, ILNS Volume 14, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 14)
    In recent years, there has been a phenomenal increase in the use of alkaline proteases as industrial catalysts. The aim of this work was to isolate potent fungal strain from the agricultural field of Gulbarga region of India, for the production of alkaline protease by utilizing the agricultural by products viz, red and green gram and Bengal gram as substrate under submerged fermentation process. Optimization of fermentation process parameters such as substrate (Red gram husk, green gram husk and Bengal gram husk) utilization, utilization, temperature, pH and incubation period for alkaline protease production was carried out. The maximum production of alkaline protease by Trichoderma VPG 12 was found at pH 8, temperature 35 °C, incubated for 120 h. But the activity of the enzyme could also be seen in a wide range of pH (5-9) and temperature (20-40 °C). With all these properties, the strain can be considered for industrial grade production of alkaline protease.
    Agriculture Byproduct, Alkaline Proteases, Red Gram Husk, <i>Trichoderma viridiae</i>