S. Balamurugan, In Vitro Antifungal Activity of Citrus aurantifolia Linn Plant Extracts against Phytopathogenic Fungi Macrophomina phaseolina, ILNS Volume 13, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 13)
    The aqueous extracts of leaf of <i>Citrus aurantifolia</i> L were assessed <i>in vitro</i> for inhibitory activity against <i>Macrophomina</i> <i>phaseolina</i> isolated from dry root rot specimens of Gingelly. The antifungal activity was determined by poison food technique. The extracts have shown dose dependent inhibition of mycelial growth of test fungi. The extracts were more effective in inhibiting <i>Macrophomina</i> <i>phaseolina</i>. The extracts of <i>Citrus aurantifolia</i> were found effective against Gingelly dry root rot pathogens. Further field experiments are to be carried out to recommend the extracts against the disease.
    Antifungal Activity, Gingelly, Phytopathogens