Zety Sharizat Hamidi, N.N.M. Shariff, C. Monstein, Understanding Climate Changes in Malaysia through Space Weather Study, ILNS Volume 13, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 13)
    Space weather has a close connection with the interaction of the Earth and the Sun. As equatorial country, the characteristic features of the climate of Malaysia are uniform temperature, very high humidity and copious rainfall. Malaysia has an average of temperature of 26.7 °C per year. Therefore, it is suitable to monitor the Sun. In the following work, we will emphasize the development of Sun monitoring in Malaysia. The number of observatories are increasing. A dedicated work to understand the Sun activity in radio region is a part of an initiative of the United Nations together with NASA in order to support developing countries participating in „Western Science‟ research. Realizing how important for us to monitor the space weather, therefore, we have been utilizing the new radio spectrometer, CALLISTO (Compound Low Cost Low Frequency Transportable Observatories) spectrometer. Malaysia is one of the earliest country from South- East Asia (ASEAN) that involve this research. One of the advantages to start the solar monitoring in Malaysia is because our strategic location as equator country that makes possible to observing a Sun for 12 hours daily throughout a year. We strongly believe that Malaysia as one of contributor of solar activity data through E-CALLISTO network. This is a very good start for developing a space weather in Malaysia. With the implementation of CALLISTO systems and development of solar monitoring network, a new wavelength regime is becoming available for solar radio astronomy. Overall, this article presents an overview of space weather in Malaysia. With the present level of the international collaboration, it is believed that the potential involvement of local and international scientist in space weather will increase.
    Compound Astronomical Low-Cost Low-Frequency Instrument for Spectroscopy in Transportable Observatories (CALLISTO), Solar Activity, Space Weather, Sun