J. Nithyadevi, R. Sivakumar, Documentation of Traditional Knowledge of Herbal Plant in Kalvarayan Hills, Vallupuram District, Tamil Nadu, ILNS Volume 12, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 12)
    The study was carried out to assess the traditional knowledge of herbal plants in a Kalvarayan Hills, Villupuram District, Tamil Nadu. It was carried out through face to face interview with respondent, collection and identification of herbal plants in the hills. A total number of 60 species of herbal plants were recorded during a series of folk botanical surveys at a hill at Villupuram District, Tamil Nadu. A majority of these species are herbaceous angiosperms, followed by trees and shrubs. The most common part of the plant used in preparing for herbal medicine is the bark, leaves, roots, stem, flowers, and fruits. Mostly the plants are used for general health, to treat dermatological complaints, reproductive system, abdominal problems and fever compared to other ailments. The most common method of herbal preparation is poultice, followed by decoction and infusion. Thus, more medicinal plants are used topically than orally.
    Herbal Medicine, Traditional Knowledge