Suhas J. Vyas, Taslim T. Khatri, Vijay R. Ram, Pragnesh N. Dave, Hitendra S. Joshi, Biochemical Constituents in Leaf of Carica papaya - Ethnomedicinal Plant of Kachchh Region, Volume 12, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 12)
    <i>Carica papaya</i> Linn. is one of the valuable plant used for various purposes in medicinal field. Leaves, fruit and seeds of the <i>C. papaya</i> are used as ethnomedicine. This work describes biochemical constituents of leaves of <i>C. papaya</i>. Fresh leaves samples of the plant were collected during the month of January, 2013 from different parts of Bhuj in Kachchh district (Gujarat), India. The purpose of the study was to evaluate the biochemical composition in leaves of <i>C. papaya</i> growing in the semi-arid region of Gujarat and based on the result to justify its importance in various treatments of diseases. The dried leaves were further analyzed for biochemical constituents like Ca<sup>2+</sup>, Mg<sup>2+</sup>, Na<sup>+</sup>, K<sup>+</sup>, Clˉ and Li<sup>+</sup>. The results indicated that the leaf extract of <i>C. papaya</i> has high potentiality for curing number of diseases.
    <i>Carica papaya</i>, Kachchh Region, Medicinal Importance, Minerals