Omprakash Sahu, Reduction of Heavy Metals from Waste Water by Wetland, ILNS Volume 12, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 12)
    Constructed wetlands are artificial wastewater treatment systems consisting of shallow ponds or channels which have been planted with aquatic plants, and which rely upon natural microbial, biological, physical and chemical processes to treat wastewater. They typically have impervious clay or synthetic liners, and engineered structures to control the flow direction, liquid detention time and water level. Depending on the type of system, they may or may not contain an inert porous media such as rock, gravel or sand. Constructed wetlands have been used to treat a variety of wastewaters including urban runoff; municipal, industrial, agricultural and acid mine drainage. In this regard’s an attempted has been made to reduce the heavy metal present in waste water
    Biomass, Contaminates, Metal Ions, Natural Treatment, Plant