L. Mullainathan, A. Sridevi, S. Umavathi, E. Sanjai Gandhi, Genetic Variation in Mutants of Chilli (Capsicum annum) Revealed by RAPD Marker, ILNS Volume 11, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 11)
    The present study was under taken in order to analyze the chemical mutagenesis on Chilli germplasm. In this regard, K1 variety of chilli was subjected to different mutagenic concentration for inducing mutagenesis. The M3 plants exposed to EMS and DES to produce clear difference from the untreated control, thus indicating that mutagenic treatment produce polymorphic regions in the chilli. For extraction of genomic DNA was adopted an improved protocol of CTAB method with slight modification. A total of ten primers were used to screen the polymorphism among the treated populations line tall, tall with chlorophyll deficient, leaf, flower, GMS and DNA damages in maturity mutants were analyzed with control. Out of ten primers, four primers (PGF02, PGF03, PGF04 AND OP107) were successfully amplified in all the samples used for this study. The successful primers were amplified in to 93 products showing an average of 9.3 bands
    Chilli, EMS, Induced Mutation, RAPD Analysis