Sajid Qurashi, O.P. Sahu, Natural Treatment of Woolen Processing Industry Wastewater, ILNS Volume 10, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 10)
    Wastewater treatment is becoming ever more critical due to diminishing water resources, increasing wastewater disposal costs, and stricter discharge regulations that have lowered permissible contaminant levels in waste streams. The ultimate goal of wastewater management is the protection of the environment in a manner commensurate with public health and socio-economic concerns. The aim of our study is to use natural occurring plant (Pistia stratiotes) to reduce the chemical oxygen demand and color from the industrial waste water. It was found that 120 mg/l of Chemical oxygen demand and 85 mg/l of color reduction was observed with Pistia stratiotes.
    Biological Oxygen Demand, Chemical Oxygen Demand, Treatment