Marouf Emamgholi, Kaka Shahedi, Valeed Khaledian, Khaled Babaee, The Zoning of the Erosion Intensity and Sediment Yield Using the Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing, with the Application of the MPSIAC Model (Case Study: Syazakh Dam Basin, Kurdistan), ILNS Volume 9, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 9)
    The aim of the present research was to estimate erosion and sediment and to formulate a map of the basin's erosion intensity using the satellite data, GIS technique and to compare the hydrometric stations' statistics. Using the Land sat satellite images among the results obtained from these data through (TM, ETM+), coverage index (NDVI) as well as a combination of bands 2, 3 and 4 for determining the type of land use and for assessing the soil texture in terms of regional aerial images tone and in accordance with the physiographic of the basin through sampling the soil texture , the map of the basin's texture was obtained. Assessing the surface and river erosion was also conducted using the aerial images and field visits. Given the data obtained and the model being applied, the special sediment rate in the basin was 5/19 tons per hectare, while the overall sediment rate obtained for the entire basin was estimated 5496533 tons in a year. Meantime, the observed and estimated value in the hydrometric station of Nesare Olya for as much as 553230 tons in a year shows a less than 1 % difference in the entire estimation of the sediments accumulated in the back of the dam while its sediment load rate estimation as much as 5/16 tons per hectare shows a 0/03 difference rate for the station.
    Erosion, Geographic Information Systems, MPSIAC, Remote Sensing, Sediment, Syazakh Basin