Goran Rajović, Jelisavka Bulatović, Tourism Potential and Rural Tourism: A Case Study of the Municipality of Andrijevica, Volume 6, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 6)
    The paper analyses tourism potential and rural tourism of the Municipality of Andrijevica. Existing tourism and recreation supply is not sufficiently developed and affirmed nor organized and connected both within the scope of the Municipality and with the neighbouring municipalities. One of the prerequisites for tourism development might be good transport infrastructure. However, in the territory of the Municipality of Andrijevica is not adequate. On the territory of the Municipality of Andrijevica, natural and anthropogenic values are distinguished group deployment and characteristics of complexity and complementarily. Natural values are particularly come to the fore, if we know that modern tourism trends emphasize the value of untouched nature. Marketing affirmation of the Municipality of Andrijevica is one of the most important processes that represent a momentum for its tourism development. In this sense, all kinds of tourism propaganda must be enhanced, which affirmed the value of tourism (for example the eco-pasture Štavna), which would lead to a more comprehensive tourism development that would provide a profitable economic performance. Particularly it is very important to encourage and support rapid development of economic activities in rural areas and development of human resources. Furthermore, the economic progress and independence rural settlements of the Municipality of Andrijevica must be improved in accordance with the ecological principles and sustainable development in rural development. In finding a new identity and direction of development of the rural economy, the Municipality of Andrijevica must accept new trends in Europe and the countries that have been through a period of transition, in terms of adapting and complementing so far the role of villages and rural areas within diversified supply and the introduction of tourism as one the essential activities. Such guidelines already exist in spatial and urban plans of the Municipality of Andrijevica, starting as of 2010
    Municipality of Andrijevica, Natural Features, Rural Tourism, Social Features