Aleksandra Vierek, The Trail of the Eagles’ Nests - Tourist Attraction in Bydlin, ILNS Volume 5, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 5)
    The purpose of this paper is an attempt to demonstrate and evaluate natural and cultural values of the small town, which is rarely visited by tourists. Bydlin area is located within both walking and bicycling touristic route “The trail of the Eagles’ Nests”. The tourist sights and geotouristic values of Bydlin country, was presented. All three selected tourist sites and one geosites have highly cultural, historic and geological values. Described town can be an alternative for well-known and crowded places for tourists from Poland. This is the proposal for a short few hours educational natural and historical trail for tourists with different preferences and predisposition.
    Bydlin, Carbonates, Geosite, Krakow-Czestochowa Upland, Tourist Sights