Vladimir V. Karpachev, Jury J. Spiridonov, Nadezda L. Voropaeva, Alexey G. Tkachev, Nikolai V. Shachnev, Oleg L. Figovsky, Pre-Sowing Seed Treatment Nanotechnology with Environment-Friendly Nanotube-Based Nanochips, Volume 58, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 58)
    This particular study deals with the impact of pre-sowing nanotube-based seed treatment technology on rapeseed (Brassica napus) growth and yield. During the field tests we identified a significant yield increase as a result of applying the pre-sowing nanotube-based seed treatment technology. The main treatment agents were physiologically active nanochips consisting of carrier matrix nanotubes with eliciting activity ("Taunit", "Taunit-M", "Taunit-MD", and graphene). Enriching nanochips with insecticide-fungicide Kruyzer for guaranteed seed protection from crucifer flea allowed to raise the yield up to 8.08 t / ha - 12.28 t / ha.
    Environment-Friendly, Field Test, Nanochips, Nanotechnology, Nanotubes, Pre-Sowing Seed Treatment, Yields