D. Atta-Peters, Occurrences of Elaterate Pollen from the Lower Cretaceous of Ghana: Implications for Biostratigraphy and Palaeoclimatology, ILNS Volume 4, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 4)
    Elaterate pollen with elater-like protruberances including <i>Elaterocolpites castelaini</i>,<i> Elaterosporites klaszii</i>,<i> E. protensus</i>, <i>E. verrucatus</i>, <i>Elateropollenites jardinei</i>, <i>Galaeocornea causea</i>,<i> G. clavis</i>, <i>Sofrepites legouxae</i>, have been recovered from the 1S-3AX well in the offshore Tano Basin. The assemblage has been interpreted as Albian - Cenomanian age, and is indicative of an arid to semi-arid palaeoclimatic conditions for these periods in the Tano Basin. Similar species have been interpreted as Albian – Cenomanian in other localities within the Africa-South America (ASA) province and thus allows for a palynostratigraphic correlation with these localities in the ASA province.
    Albian, Cenomanian, Elater-Bearing Pollen, Palaeoclimate, Tano Basin