Tran Dang Xuan, La Hoang Anh, Truong Ngoc Minh, Tran Dang Khanh, Factors Promote Germination and Initial Growth of Monochoria vaginalis, ILNS Volume 59, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 59)
    The purpose of study was conducted to examine factors that influence on germination of <i>Monochoria vaginalis</i>, a major and problematic weed in paddy fields. It was found that seed coats of barnyardgrass and <i>Monochoria</i> itself strongly promoted germination of <i>Monochoria</i> seeds. Germinating rice seeds caused germination induction of <i>Monochoria</i>, but dehulled rice and rice hulls did not play a role. In general, rice root exudates from 2 to 22 day after germination did not exert significant influence on germination and initial growth of <i>Monochoria</i>. The increase of rice seeds showed no remarkable impact on germination, root length and shoot length of <i>Monochoria</i>. In conclusion, it is suggested that coats of weed seeds, residues of rice and other plants in paddy fields may play a critical role in promoting germination of <i>Monochoria</i> seeds. Therefore, the incorporation of these residues in paddy fields may provide negative impact to weed control as germination of <i>Monochoria</i> is much accelerated.
    Barnyardgrass, Dark Germination, Hull, <i>Monochoria vaginalis</i>, Rice Seeds, Seed Coat