L.U. Grema, A.B. Abubakar, O.O. Obiukwu, Carbon Emission Control Measures, ILNS Volume 3, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 3)
    This paper seeks to share the experience of the Ultra Low CO<sub>2</sub> Steelmaking programme (ULCOS) established in 2002 by a number of EU members on how to cut down CO<sub>2 </sub>emission by at least 50 % of the present volume of emission. Global environmental challenge today is the issue of climate change resulting in devastating effects such as flooding in many countries of the world. One of the major causes is the CO<sub>2</sub> emission from different industries including iron and steel industries. The total global CO<sub>2 </sub>emission was put at 29Gt in 2007 and projected to be 37Gt by the 2020. Out of this volume the steel industry accounts for 3-4 % and this call for concern from stakeholders to come up with measures to reduce or control the emission of the green house gas. These measures are necessary considering the growth of the iron and steel industry in the last 50 years. Important items considered include among others carbon emission and recovery, carbon capture and storage and new iron and steel making processes and their potential for CO<sub>2</sub> reduction.
    Emission, Recovery, Steel Industry, Ultra Low CO<sub>2</sub>