Y.O. Bankole, O.A. Tanimola, R.O. Odunukan, D.O. Samuel, An Assessment of the Functional Properties, Proximate Composition, Sensory Evaluation and Rheological Value of Gari Fortified with Bambara Groundnut Flour (Voandzeia subterranean Thouars), ILNS Volume 1, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 1)
    Gari fortified with Bambara Groundnut Flour (BGF) was assessed for its proximate composition, functional properties, sensory evaluation and Rheological properties. Four samples: 100% gari (coded SLY), 90% gari with 10% BGF (coded ATS), 85% gari with 15% BGF (coded FEA), and 80% gari with 20% BGF (coded ROT) were examined for the parameters listed above. The proximate analysis showed that the protein content ranges between 0.98-4.68%, fat content 1.10-2.60%, ash content 1.82-2.90%, crude fibre 2.30-2.42%. This showed an increase on addition of BGF while the carbohydrate content ranges between 78.20-83.5 %, moisture 11.60-12.6% and acidity 0.40-0.60, all showed a decrease in value on adding BGF. Rheological value showed that the peak viscosity ranges between 106.17-177.17, trough viscosity 98.33-161.00, breakdown 7.83-16.71, final viscosity 150.50-251.67, set back 52.17-90.67 and pasting time between 6.87-6.93. All these varied inversely with the quantity of BGF added. Pasting temperature showed slight variation which was not dependent on the amount of BGF added. It ranges from 79.2-80.02 °C. Sensory evaluation showed that there were significant differences in the samples examined.
    Bambara-Groundnut, Gari, Proximate Composition, Rheological Value, Sensory Evaluation