Asibor Godwin, Edjere Oghenekohwiroro, Leachate Characterization and Leachate Pollution Index from Landfill Dump Sites in Warri Metropolis, Nigeria, ILNS Volume 57, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 57)
    The paucity of standard engineered landfills in Nigeria has given rise to the proliferation of open waste dumpsites. The environment can be impacted by leachates from these dumpsites if not properly managed. This study assessed the characteristics of leachates from three open dumpsites in Warri Metropolis and its contamination potential using leachate pollution index (LPI). The dump sites had low pH with acidic level lower than the recommended limit. The calculated LPI values of the three sites ranges from 6.377 to 7.438. These values are low when compared to open dumpsites in other metropolitan areas of similar climatic conditions. The low value of LPI for leachate indicates relatively lower contaminant potential due to low concentrations of heavy metals, relatively young age of the landfill as well as low population and organic origin of the wastes. The calculated low LPI value does not in any way preclude the continuous monitoring of the dumpsites as the values recorded are just slightly below the threshold level. It is recommended that there should be an upgrade of all open dumpsites to a standard engineered landfill with a robust and effective monitoring put to curtail future release of deleterious materials from these dumpsites.
    Contamination, Engineered Landfills, Leachate Pollution Index, Solid Waste