Ashwani Tapwal, Priya Kalyan, Shailendra Kumar, Suresh Chandra, Study on Fungi Inhabiting Indoor Woods and their Eco-Friendly Management, Volume 59, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 59)
    Biodeterioration of indoor wood and microbial pollution inside buildings is one of important problem in humid areas. Number of fungi are associated with indoor wood and many of them are responsible for its deterioration by causing decay and stain. Some of them may release mycotoxins, which have hazardous impact on human health. In present study, fifteen fungi associated with wood surface were isolated and out of which genus <i>Aspergillus </i>dominate with four species. <i>A. flavus</i> was recorded from all locations. The potential of leaf extracts of nine tree species on the growth of <i>A. flavus </i>was evaluated by amending culture media. Considerable growth inhibition of <i>A. flavus </i>in the range of 1.14-45.45% was recorded on solid media and 9.37-86.66% in liquid media. Amendment of culture media @ 30% concentration of the leaf extract of <i>Corymbia torelliana</i> have recorded maximum growth inhibition irrespective of the media used.
    Antifungal Activity, Botanicals, Buildings, Decay Fungi, Molds