Yuki Kudo, Hiromasa Goto, Bio-Interface Polymerisation: Synthesis of Polyaniline on the Marine Algae Surface, Volume 51, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 51)
    Marine algae <i>Ge</i><i>lidium</i><i>, </i><i>G</i><i>rateloupia elliptica</i> Holmes<i>,</i> and <i>C</i><i>odium fragile</i> are employed for preparation of PANI/seaweed composites. Infrared absorption (IR), electron spin resonance (ESR) spectroscopy measurements are carried out to confirm the resultant structure. The direct use of natural biological materials for polymerisation reaction allows us to production of polymers with characteristic surface. This can be referred to as bio-interface polymerisation.
    ESR, Marine Algae, Polyaniline, SEM