A. Baleeshwar Reddy, V. Hanumantha Rao, V. Vasudeva Rao, A. Vijaya Bhasker Reddy, Phytosociological Studies on Tree Species of Peddagattu and Sherepally Area, a Proposed Site for Uranium Mining Project, Nalgonda District, Telangana State, India, ILNS Volume 50, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 50)
    The present study deals with the quantitative floristic inventory of Peddagattu and Sherepally area, Nalgonda district, Telangana State, India. The study resulted in documentation of 50 tree species belongs to 41 genera and 35 families. The families, Mimosaceae, Caesalpiniaceae and Fabaceae are dominated. Among the tree species <i>Cassia fistula</i> has showed highest IVI in Peddagattu, while in Sherepally <i>Albizia amara </i>has recorded highest IVI. Shannon–Wiener index (H') ranges from 2.41 to 3.03. The present study can serve as baseline information for phytosociolgical studies on tree species of Peddagattu and Sherepally area, a proposed site for Uranium mining project, Nalgonda district, Telangan State, India.
    IVI, Phytosocilology, Shannon-Wiener Index, Uranium Project