Arati Laddimath, Rao Srinath, Herbal Medicine Used to Treat Primary Infertility in Women by Traditional Practioners of Vijayapur (Bijapur) District of Karnataka, India, ILNS Volume 50, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 50)
    An ethno-botanical survey of Vijayapur district comprising five tehsils was conducted during February 2014 to December 2015. The main purpose of this survey was to document the traditional use of medicinal plants for primary infertility in women in vijayapur district. 13 species belonging to 13 genera and 12 families were found to be used to treat primary infertility. The scientific name, family, local name, habit along with part used and mode of their administration are provided.
    India, Karnataka, Primary Infertility, Traditional Herbal Medicine, Traditional Practitioners, Vijayapur