Tetiana Iusypiva, Galyna Miasoid, The Impact of SO2 and NO2 Industrial Emissions on Anatomical Stem of Salix alba, ILNS Volume 51, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 51)
    The paper examines the influence of industrial emissions SO<sub>2</sub> and NO<sub>2 </sub>on the anatomical structure of the annual shoot stems of <i>Salix</i> <i>alba</i> L. in conditions of steppe zone of Ukraine. It reveals high stability of histological characteristics of the studied type to phytotoxic pollutants, which was proved by thickening of almost all anatomical stem parameters. It was ascertained the toxic gases chronic effect results in increasing the thickness of the stem cortex in the research object through the increase of the primary cortex where collenchyme and parenchyma grow thicker, and through thickening the secondary cortex as hard bast indices rise. The study proved that toxic gases do not affect the wood radius and pith diameter, though the biggest trachea diameter increases significantly. It has shown the thickening of both primary cortex and secondary cortex which contribute to the change of the diameter of annual shoot stems of <i>S</i><i>. </i><i>alba</i> in conditions of technogenesis. The high adaptive capacity of anatomical indicators of this plant species stem to industrial pollution has been demonstrated, and therefore it was suggested that <i>S. a</i><i>lba</i> can be used for planting the areas subject to chronic actions of SO<sub>2</sub> and NO<sub>2</sub>.
    Anatomical Indices, Planting, Structure of the Stem, Toxic Gases