Abhishek Chatterjee, Sudeshna Ghoshal, Pinakiranjan Chakrabarti, A Synoptic Report on the Early Winter Migrants and Resident Birds in the Coastal Wetland of the Marine National Park, Positra, Gujarat, ILNS Volume 49, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 49)
    The study is based on the avian community observed in the region. In total, 524 individuals, 27 genera and 35 species of birds belonging to 21 families have been recorded. Among them, the family Charadriidae with 15.08% incidence is the most frequent; immediately followed by the family Scolopacidae (11.26% of occurence). The highest observed species richness has been observed in case of the family Ardeidae. Little Ringed Plover (<i>Charadrius</i> <i>dubius</i>) is the most abundant avian species observed. The community consists of 40% Resident; 40% Resident-migrant and 20% Migrant bird species. It was observed that the concerned community shows a considerable diversity and a corresponding low value of dominance. In the feeding guild analysis, the Insectivore and the Aquatic invertebrate-feeder guilds have the most number of recorded avian species. The feeding guild affiliations also points out that the overall community is fairly rich in its composition as it houses bird species belonging to various feeding guilds.
    Avifaunal Diversity, Feeding Guilds, Guajarat, Positra, Water-Birds, Wetland