K.S. Kavya, R.S. Kulkarni, M. Jadesh, Some Blood Biochemical Changes in Response to Saline Exposure in the Fresh Water Fish, Notopterus notopterus (Pallas), ILNS Volume 49, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 49)
    The changes in some blood biochemical parameters were studied in the freshwater fish N. notopterus under saline exposure for a longer period of 30 days. The blood biochemical parameters are glucose, protein, triglycerides and cholesterol. All these parameters exhibited increased level except of blood glucose which remained unchanged as observed after the termination of saline exposure. Thus it indicates that although fish survives and able to tolerate extreme saline condition as there was no mortality during the exposure period. The increase of blood biochemical parameters can be considered as a kind of saline stress response particularly on lipid derivatives.<i></i>
    Blood Chemical Parameters, Fish Blood, <i>Notopterus notopterus</i>, Saline Medium