S. Kaveri, Rao Srinath, In Vitro Seed Germination and Embryo Culture in Nothapodytes foetida (Wight) Sleumer, ILNS Volume 48, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 48)
    <i>In vitro</i> seed germination and embryo culture have been achieved in <i>Nothapodytes foetida, </i>this plant is known for its rich source of anticancer drug i. e., Camptothecin. In present study both normal and decoated seeds were subjected to different treatments viz., H2O, GA<sub>3</sub>, H2O2, H2SO4, chlorine water and mechanical scarification, further these were germinated on water agar medium (WA), filter paper bridge (FB), half strength MS (HMS) and full strength MS (FMS) medium. The highest percentage (69%) of germination was achieved from decoated seeds treated with 10mg/L GA<sub>3</sub> and germinated on Filter Paper Bridge. And for embryo culture mature embryos were inoculated on MS medium containing various combination and concentrations of cytokinins (BAP, Kn and TDZ) and auxin (IAA and NAA) for rapid conversion into a plantlet. Among the different combinations of growth regulators; highest frequency (100%) of plantlet conversion was obtained on MS medium containing Kn (1.0mg/L) and NAA (0.2mg/L).
    Embryo Culture, Growth Regulators, H<sub>2</sub>SO<sub>4</sub>, Mechanical Scarification, <i>N. foetida</i>