G. Srilatha, T. Manikandarajan, K. Ramamoorthy, K. Sundaravarman, G. Sankar, R. Anbarasu, Length and Weight Relationship and Growth Performance of Meretrix casta under Experimental Culture Condition in Three Different Estuarine Environment, ILNS Volume 47, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 47)
    The <i>Meretrix</i> <i>casta</i> is an edible clam for human beings and it is widely distributed around the aquatic ecosystem. The clam has relatively thick shells that can attain a length of three inches. The knowledge of the biology, culture and biochemical composition of any edible organism is extremely important. Though the size, shape and colour of clam are different their nutritive value is very good. A maximum average length of 27.15mm was observed in the <i>M.casta</i> studied during 2011 and a maximum average length of 26.51mm was observed during 2012. The average lengths of <i>M.casta</i> in all the three different estuaries studied were as follows: 27.15 &gt; 25.82 &gt; 25.04 mm in 2011 and 26.51 &gt; 25.88 &gt; 25.17mm in 2012. A maximum average weight of 7.824 and 7.155g was observed during 2011 and in 2012; a maximum weight of 7.528g and minimum of 6.941g was recorded uniformly in all the three different estuaries. However, in 2011and 2012 a maximum and minimum of average length of 26.86, 25.10 mm, and average weight of 7.67 and 7.05g respectively were noticed in both Vellar and Uppanar estuaries of <i>M.casta</i>. the present investigation, it is clearly observed that <i>M.casta</i> can grow a weight of 0.13g/day and length of 0.122mm/day among the three different estuaries studied in the Cuddalore district which is located in Bay of Bengal.
    Growth Performance, Length, <i>Meretrix casta</i>, Weight