Doni Jini, Kaushik Bhagawati, Rupankar Bhagawati, Deep Jyoti Rajkhowa, Identification of Critical Periods Environmentally Sensitive to Normal Performance of Vanaraja Poultry Breed in Climatically Different Locations, ILNS Volume 46, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 46)
    Ambient temperature and relative humidity are two crucial climatic factors that heavily influence poultry production and management. Knowledge of the period during which the environmental conditions remains detrimental is crucial for successful and economic poultry production and resource management. The objective of the study is to identify and comparatively assess the most crucial months/periods during which the climatic condition hinder normal performance of dual purpose Vanaraja poultry in topographically and agro-climatically distinct locations. The average monthly temperatures and humidity of each location were compared with established critical limits of ambient temperature and relative humidity that influence poultry for the location. Results reveal that there are wide inter-location variations in sensitive period during the year and affect the performance of the introduced poultry with varied intensity. Also the cultural & management practices should be location-specific with incorporation of need-based seasonal modification leading to optimum resource use. With critical periods in mind farmers can adopt/frame appropriate and well-timed management practices to alleviate impact of adverse environmental conditions.
    Ambient Temperature, Climate Change, Humidity, Poultry, Vanaraja