T. Manikandarajan, K. Ramamoorthy, S. Shanmugasundaram, A. Eswar, K. Kathirvel, G. Sankar, Determination of Ammonia, Nitrate and Nitrite Concentrations in Marine Water Samples with Cultured Marine Ornamental Fish Water Sample Analysis, ILNS Volume 42, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 42)
    The present studies were concentration of ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, dissolved oxygen, temperature, salinity and pH. For seven physicochemical parameters were determined in marine water samples along with marine ornamental fish water sources from CAS in marine biology laboratory conditions at Parangipettai. Water sample have been studied at a marine water sources. The study concentrations of parameters like ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, dissolved oxygen, temperature, salinity, and pH. And physicochemical parameters have been calculated. The data showed the difference of the investigated parameters in samples as follows; Concentration of water quality parameters like ammonia was maximum level above 1.158 μmol¯1, nitrite was ranging from 0.811 to 0.922 μmol¯1, nitrate was range maximum level above 4.84 μmol¯1, dissolved oxygen content was maximum level above 2.4 mg¯1, temperature was ranging from 32.3 to 100 °C, salinity values ranging from 0 to 36ppt and pH was ranging from 6.5 to 8.0. During the study period of from July 2013 to June 2014 we investigated concentration of seven physicochemical parameters value Marine water samples with cultured fish species in presence of water from CAS in Marine Biology laboratory Annamalai University at Parangipettai.
    Ammonia, Dissolved Oxygen, Marine Water Sample, Nitrate, Nitrite, pH, Salinity, Temperature