B. Poornasundari, Daniel Thilagavathy, Pest Control in Green Gram Seeds (Vigna radiata) by Using Plant Extracts, ILNS Volume 40, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 40)
    A experiment was conducted to investigate the efficacy of different plant derivatives against the development of the green gram pest <i>Callosobruchus chinensis </i>(L). fed on green gram seeds <i>Vigna radiate</i> for one month period. The leaf extracts of lemon (<i>Citrus lemon</i>), mint (<i>Mentha arvensis</i>) and black pepper seed (<i>Piper nigram</i>) powders were evaluated for their growth, adult mortality and oviposition inhibition of <i>Callosobruhus chinensis</i>. The results revealed that the extracts of all the three plant products caused a considerable reduction in the number of bruchids. Among the treatments <i>Piper nigram</i> were found to be effective in destroying the pest.<i></i>
    <i>Callosobruchus chinensis</i>, Citrus Lemon, <i></i><i>Piper nigram</i>, Toxicity, <i>Vigna radiate</i>