S. Boughrara, H. Aksas, N. Babakhoya, K. Louhab, Analyses of the Life Cycle Impact Assessment of Pharmaceutical Product Inventories, ILNS Volume 40, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 40)
    Life cycle impact assessment (LCIA) is one of basic steps in life cycle assessment methodology (LCA). This paper presents the application of approach LCA for the rejections of drugs company SAIDAL, in order to determine the environmental impacts relative to this industrial activity, since it is classified among industry leader in the pharmaceutical field in Algeria, and that it takes part largely in the environmental disturbance by generating various categories of impacts. For this purpose, an eco-balance was establish by the collection of the theoretical data to the meadows of the company and of the practical data, resulting from the assay of pharmaceutical liquid.
    Drugs, Eco-Balance, Impact Assessment, Pharmaceutical