Ajay Kumar Gautam, First Report of Nigrospora sphaerica  Causing Leaf Spots on Celtis australis from Himachal Pradesh, India, ILNS Volume 40, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 40)
    <i>Nigrospora sphaerica</i> collected on living leaves of <i>Celtis australis</i> L. (Cannabaceae) from Himachal Pradesh, India is a new host record. Symptoms of the disease on leaves appeared in the form of small, circular to irregular, brown - coloured spots surrounded by a yellow zone. The fungus isolated was identified as <i>Nigrospora sphaerica </i>(Sacc.) E.W. Mason, on the basis of cultural and morphological characters. The fungus is described and illustrated.
    <i>Celtis australis</i>, India, Leaf Spot, <i>Nigrospora sphaerica</i>