M.K. Umesh, C.B. Sanjeevkumar, Ramesh Londonkar, Phytochemical and Antibacterial Evaluation of Various Extracts of Amoora ruhituka Bark, Volume 39, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 39)
    Preliminary phytochemical screening of various extracts of <i>Amoora ruhituka </i>bark were investigated which reveals the presence of several secondary metabolites in each extracts. The antibacterial activity of all the extracts was tested against four gram negative bacterial strains. The results indicated the zone of inhibition which ranges from 11.30±577 to 18.7±0.577 for different extracts in which Methanol extract has shown highest zone of inhibition for <i>Salmonella typhimurium </i>followed by <i>Enterobacter aerogenes</i> , <i>E coli </i>and <i>P aeruginosa </i> whereas benzene extract has showed the least zone of inhibition and the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) of the different extracts ranging from 0.78 mg/ml to 6.25mg/ml.The complete results of this study provides a essential data for the use of <i>Amoora ruhituka</i> for the treatment of infection associated diseases<i> </i>
    <i>Amoora roohituka</i>, Antimicrobial, Gram Negative Bacteria, Phytochemical