T. Gowdhami, A.K. Rajalakshmi, Ethnobotany and Pharmacognostical Studies of Jasminum sambac Linn., ILNS Volume 37, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 37)
    In the present study of <i>Jasminum sambac</i> ethnobotanical and pharmacognostical activity of <i>Jasminum sambac</i> leaf .These species of highly medicinal purpose<i> </i>flowers, leaves act as lactifuge, arrest the secretion of milk in the puerperal state in case of threatened abscess pharmacognostical study of leaf parts of <i>Jasminum sambac </i>has been undertaken, hence it is establish. Pharmacognostical and quality control parameters of leaf, of <i>Jasminum sambac </i>was carried out. Various microscopic characters viz., transverse section of leaf, quantitative parameters (stomatal number, stomatal index, and vein-islet and termination number) were determined for the identification of plant material. Powder microscopic studies, were also performed. Physicochemical parameters such as total Ash(13.5%), water soluble ash (6.7%) and acid-insoluble ash (8.2 %)Alcohol soluble extractive(30%) Water soluble extractive(11.8%)Moisture content(6.19%)Crude fibre content(15.1%)Swelling index (1)and Foaming index (Lessthan 100).
    Ethnobotany, <i>Jasminum sambac</i> Leaf, Pharmacognostical