D. Datta, S. Nath Talapatra, S. Swarnakar, Bioactive Compounds from Marine Invertebrates for Potential Medicines - An Overview, ILNS Volume 34, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 34)
    The present review deals with the bioactive compounds of the marine non-chordates. The potent medicinal usage of the bioactive compounds viz. steroids, terpenoids, isoprenoid and non-isoprenoid compounds, quinones, brominated compounds, nitrogen heterocyclics and nitrogen-sulphur heterocyclics from marine non-chordates have been compiled. Various literatures survey revealed that the bioactive compounds isolated in recent past from the marine poriferans, cnidarians, annelids, arthropods, molluscs and echinoderms could be rich sources of therapeutic agents having antibacterial, antiinflamatory, anticarcinogenic properties. In overall, the present study will be benefitted to know global drug discovery researches on bioactive compounds from marine organisms for students, scholars, scientists, pharmaceutical sector, and government regulating authorities as new challenging technology in clinical applications through medicines.
    Bioactive Compounds, Marine Invertebrates, Marine Non-Chordates, Medicinal Importance, Zootherapeutic Agents