Prithviraj Bhandare, G.R. Naik, Functional Properties of Neem Oil as Potential Feedstock for Biodiesel Production, ILNS Volume 34, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 34)
    Fossil fuel resources are decreasing daily while biodiesel fuels are attracting increasing attention worldwide as blending components or direct replacements for diesel fuel in vehicle engines. In this experiment the seed oils of 30 Neem (<i>Azadirachta indica.</i> A. juss) biotypes were screened and evaluated for their physio-chemical parameters for oil content, biodiesel yield, density, viscosity, iodine value , free fatty acid and saponification value. Hence the neem seed oil tested in this current study could be the potential sources of raw material for biodiesel production.
    <i>Azadirachta indica</i>, Biodiesel, Feedstock, Physio-Chemical Parameters, Seed Oil