Muppaneni Srikanth, Battu Ganga Rao, Mallikarjuna Rao Talluri, T. Rajananda Swamy, Abortifacient and Antioxidant Activities of Avicennia marina, ILNS Volume 33, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 33)
    The current study was intended to evaluate abortifacient and antioxidant activity of <i>Avicennia marina</i> leaves extracts. Abortifacient activity was evaluated in rats, compared with standard drug (Mifepristone) and antioxidant activity was evaluated by using three free radicals (Superoxide, Hydroxyl and DPPH) compared with Ascorbic acid. The extracts were showed pre implantation loss, post implantation loss of implantations and decreased the survival ration of foetuses. Among all extracts hydroalcoholic extract showed better activity. The selected plant extracts showed concentration dependent percentage inhibition of free radicals. Among three extracts hydroalcoholic extract showed better activity with IC<sub>50</sub> values on superoxide, hydroxyl and DPPH radicals were 203μg, 237μg and 143μg. From the results obtained during the study it the hydroalcoholic extract was used for the isolation of pure compounds, and isolated the different compounds (β-sitosterol, Lupeol and Betulinic acid).
    Abortifacient Activity, Antioxidant Activity, <i>Avicennia marina</i>, Free Radicals