M. Rajesh, K. Natarajan, N. Renish, Strategies of Reducing the Toxicity of Sugar Mill Effluent by Using Biofertilizer Inoculants, ILNS Volume 32, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 32)
    The present investigation has been carried out on <i>Tagetes erecta</i> to search out the effect of sugar mill effluent on growth and yield. In-vivo conditions were set up for the experiment purpose. Pots were filled with soil and treated with different concentrations of sugar mill effluent i.e., 10, 25, 50, 75 and 100% on morphological parameters of test crop. Results of pot culture experiment showed that at 10 % concentrations of sugar mill effluent proved to better to the crops growth and thereafter the growth may reduce over control. In order to mitigate the effluent toxicity certain Biofertilizers inoculants were mixed to the soil along with the same effluent treatments. The study suggests that the Biofertilizers inoculants along with effluent irrigation proved to be better for plants growth.
    Biofertilizer Inoculants, Plants Growth, Sugar, <i>Tagetes erecta</i>