J. Nithyadevi, R. Sivakumar, Phytosocialogical and Ethnomedicinal Studies of Sacred Groves in Konjikuppam Village, Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu, ILNS Volume 32, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 32)
    The konjikuppam village lies on the state highway linking panruti (5 km south) and Neyveli (10 km north). The sacred grove of konjikuppam is also situated on the main read and is proximate to the village. A large bond of about 3 ha. Size lies behind the temple complex and cannel bringing strong water from the neighboring shallow ferralitic terrain runs into it. An extensive floristic survey of carried out in the sacred groves at monthly intervals between December 2011 and October 2012. Specimen flowering plants were collected and identified taxonomically with the help of different floras. Nine plots were established in three different disturbance areas within the sacred groves and it is divided into three site I. Disturbances, II. Moderately disturbance III. Undisturbance. Present study revealed that a total number of 110 plants belonging to 96 genera and 45 families were recorded from three sites (I. Disturbed, II. Moderately Disturbed, III. Undisturbed) of konjikuppam sacred groves Cuddalore district. The present study revealed that more number of species found in undisturbed site III and least number and density in disturbed site I. a total of 24 plants used in herbal preparations. The local health traditions provide immediate and cheaper remedy or relief to the poor and down trodden inhabiting the villages. The devastation of species diversity in the study area there is an urgent need for regeneration of the species for conservation of species and biodiversity.<i></i>
    Biodiversity, Ethnomedicine, Phytosocialogical, Sacred Groves