B. Laxmi Narayana, V. Vasudeva Rao, M. Sandeep, G. Surender, A.V.L.N. Ramaligeswara Rao, A Preliminary Survey of House Sparrow (Passer domesticus) in Ramakrishna Beach Road, Vishakhapatnam (Vizag), Andhra Pradesh, Volume 31, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 31)
    We studied the population records of House Sparrow <i>Passer domesticus</i> 16<sup>th</sup> to 20<sup>th</sup> December 2011 during winter in Ramakrishna Beach Road Vishakhapatnam town, Andhra Pradesh. The ecological density of House Sparrow was investigated using fixed width transects. A total of 189 House sparrows were recorded. The present study shows that a notable population of House Sparrow in Beach Road.
    Abundance, Beach Road, Fixed Width Transects, House Sparrow, Vishakhapatnam