Kaliyamoorthy Jayakumar, Ethno Medicinal Value of Plants in Thanjavur District, Tamil Nadu, India, ILNS Volume 29, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 29)
    The present investigation has been carried out to find the ethno medicinal value of plants in Thanjuvur District of Tamil Nadu, India. This study of ethno medicinal value of plants and cure the various disease of around the Thanjuvur District. Ancient methods of treatment by ethno medicinal value of various types of trees, shrubs, herbs and underground modification such as root, stem, bark, leaves, flowers, fruits and seed. The ethno medicinal value of plants make grounded plant parts, and juices used to cure the various diseases like, cough, cold, asthma, eye disease, ulcer, jaundice, rheumatic arthritis, memory stimulants, wound healing and cardiovascular disease. We have identified and reported more than 38 species of medicinally important plants belonging to 25 families.
    Ancient People, Ethno Medicine, Medicinal Plants, Thanjavur District