R. Sadeesh Kumar, R. Rajesh, S. Gokulakrishnan, J. Subramanian, Screening and Characterization of Fibrinolytic Protease Producing Bacillus circulans from Mangrove Sediments Pitchavaram, South East Coast of India, ILNS Volume 28, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 28)
    Regulation and production of Fibrinolytic enzymes from bacterial sources especially from Bacillus strains has taken a leading role in the medical sciences for the treatment of cardiovascular disorders as it removes thrombus or clots adding to its significant role in curing human health issues saving millions. Significant progress has been made during the last few years on the studies of fibrinolytic enzymes in identifying, cloning, purification, characterization and overproduction of these for commercialization in medical sciences and in fields like detergents development. Production of fibrinolytic enzyme from <i>Bacillus circulans</i> was done using Nutrient broth medium. In addition, a strong fibrinolytic enzyme was purified from the cultivation media. The purified enzyme was almost homogeneous with other species of same genus, as examined by SDSāˆ’PAGE and sephadex G-75 column chromatography. The enzyme had an optimal pH of 7-12, an optimal temperature of 50 °C, for fibrin hydrolysis. The molecular mass estimated by gel filtration was 24 to36 KDa. Further studies for characterization and structural elucidation are necessary for their medicinal applications and molecular biological characteristics.
    <i><i>Bacillus circulans</i></i>, Chromatography Enzyme, Fibrinolytic Enzyme, SDS-PAGE