Nooka Ratnam Kinthada, Murali Krishna Gurram, Remote Sensing and GIS for Integrated Modeling and Analysis for Mapping of Groundwater Potential Zones in Sarada River Basin, Visakhapatnam, India, ILNS Volume 78, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 78)
    The study aimed at identifying and mapping groundwater potential zones in agricultural intensive Sarada river basin using Remote sensing and GIS technology. Zones of water potentiality were mapped integrating various information layers in GIS environment which eventually helped weighted modeling to arrive at the final outcome. Hydrogeomorphic units such as alluvial plains, valley fills, shallow weathered pediplains and deeply weathered pediplainswere mapped. Eventually water potential zones in the basin were mapped and categorised them in to ‘excellent’, ‘good’, ‘moderate’ and ‘poor’. The study highlighted the effective use of Remote sensing and GIS technology for integrated analysis, identification and mapping of the groundwater potential zones in the Sarada river basin.
    Analysis, GIS, Groundwater Potentiality, Integrated Modeling, Remote Sensing, Sarada River Basin in Visakhapatnam