Sofiane Atoui, Zouhir Djerrou, Abdelhak Boughrira, Mohamed Kada, Bioaccumulation of Cadmium and Lead in the Muscle Tissue of Mullus barbatus in Skikda and Jijel Bays Eastern Algeria, ILNS Volume 74, International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 74)
    The bays of Skikda and Jijel present an ecosystem of great biological diversity and a significant economic interest (fishing and trading ports, industrial zones and tourism). They are threatened by the inputs of industrial effluents that are loaded with different substances, especially heavy metals. These pollutants have the distinction of being toxic and non-biodegradable, they accumulate in the different levels of the food chain which represents a danger for human health. The present work aimed to evaluate the impact of metal pollution in both bays via the study of the bioaccumulation of heavy metals namely, cadmium (Cd) and lead (Pb) in red mullet <i>Mullus</i> <i>barbatus</i> Linnaeus, 1758. Forty two (42) fish samples were obtained from 4 sites, 2 from bays of Skikda and 2 from bays of Jijel. After preparation, lyophilisation and mineralisation, samples were analysed by Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS) for detection of Cd and Pb concentrations in &micro;g/g of dry weights. Lead has reached the values of 141.666&plusmn;5.238 and 89&plusmn;3.464 &micro;g/g in Skikda sites and 20&plusmn;1.527 and 10&plusmn;0.577 &micro;g/g in Jijel sites, while Cd has reached 0.76&plusmn;0.023 and 0.3&plusmn;0.011 &micro;g/g in Skikda, with lowest values in Jijel 0.116&plusmn;0.008 and 0.1&plusmn;0.005 &micro;g/g. The highest levels were recorded in the areas that are subject to anthropogenic pollution, namely the port areas and the oil industry (Skikda bays). While the low concentrations were found in less polluted areas like Jijel bays. The results obtained in this study are alarming and reflect significant level of pollution especially in the bays of Skikda. Preventive and remedial measures and awareness raising are needed.
    Cadmium, Jijel, Lead, Metallic Pollution, <i>Mullus barbatus</i>, Skikda